To Love Jason Thorn – Ella Maise

Do you want to fall in love with Jason Thorn??

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If you pick up this page turner I can almost guarantee that you will be head over heels in love by the time you get to the second chapter. Even as a young boy, Jason is adorably charming and you just know straight away he is going to break hearts left to right after he hits puberty.

Jason in his twenties is a completely different story. The bad boy aura coupled with a movie star image, and don’t-give-a-fuck attitude, cannot be described as ‘adorable’. Jason turns into a real miserable asshole, with no direction in his personal life, if you ask me.

jt-1But this story is not about him. It’s about a little girl, who falls for her brother’s friend and asks him to marry her 5 second after they meet. Isn’t that the cutest thing ever?? Well, I think it is. Olive, is mesmerised by Jason , and even as the years pass by the feelings only grow stronger. Jason, on the other hand, is oblivious to little Olive’s attraction, and breaks her heart when he’s forced to move out and leave his best friend and his family behind.

Eight years later, Olive is a student/writer and Jason is the object of desire for millions of women around the world. Olive’s book brings them together again, and that’s when all the pent up feelings and frustration comes out turning their lives upside down.

“Soon enough, I’ll win you over. You already loved me once; I’ll make it happen again.”

– Jason Thorn

Don’t want to give out too much of the story, but I have to mention that the sex is H.O.T. Jason is a talker, which brings the lovemaking into a whole new level. Enjoy!

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