To Hate Adam Connor – Ella Maise

To hate Adam Connor… is an impossible task! I’m in love and it’s official! Ella Maise created an ideal male specimen. Every word of his made me swoon, and it wasn’t a regular swoon, it was a swoon to put all other swoons to shame. The sexiest man is the one who knows what he wants and is not shy about verbalising his fantasies. That is exactly, who Adam Connor is.

‘Even his hair is fuckable. Does that even make sense?’

Now before I get completely lost in my thoughts, I have to say that Lucy Meyer is a perfect girl for that confident stud, even though it seems like they have nothing in common at first. When she meets Adam, she is going through a break up, and is in the middle of restructuring her life. No job, no home, and no plans for the future. Relationships, and love especially, is the last thing on her mind. Her inner monologue regarding the meaning of love and relationships was unbelievably funny… and true. I’m sure there is plenty of women out there who can relate to how Lucy feels.

I enjoyed reading this story and although it’s a stand alone, the characters overlap with To love Jason Thorn. The plot is filled with romance and drama, so you definitely won’t be bored even for a second. A perfect balance between witty humour and sizzling  sex makes it a perfect summer read.

Hmm, If I can’t decide between Jason and Adam, do you think I can settle for both? What? Just thinking out loud… don’t mind me, as you were!

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