The Handy Men – Jamie K. Schmidt

I loved this heart-warming story about breaking stereotypes and reinventing life against all odds.

Paige is a survivor on the verge of success, with one goal, making her Inn the place to be. After divorcing her cheating bastard of a husband she is definitely in need of some good karma and a new start.

Jack and Dean are her best friends, two gorgeous handy man, who she knows are off limits and… married to each other. But what if her hot fantasies about these two can become a reality?

This story is a sizzling read, which I devoured in one day. Oh, and Jack and Dean… total perfections:

Dean: ‘I now pronounce us husbands and wife. We’re now going to fuck the bride.’

Jack: ‘Remember, that you are ours and we are yours and nothing will stand in our way.’



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