‘The Devouring Gray’ – Christine Lynn Herman

Little children, led astray,

Wandered through the woods one day.

Stumbled right into the Gray, Never to return.

In the place where nightmares dwell,

Only four have lived to tell. That is why we have to stay:

Branches and stones, daggers and bones,

They locked the Beast away.

I can say that this book was exactly as advertised – meant for the fans of ‘Stranger Things’. If you’re not familiar with the Netflix series, it is about a group of kids that battle strange creatures from the Upside Down, a parallel universe, which is terrifying and lethal.

However, in this book a group of teenagers is destined to protect the people of Four Paths from a mysterious Beast lurking in the Gray, a dull parallel world stuck in the past. Whoever ventures into this world, usually by mistake or by being lured by the Beast, dies in a horrible way. People of Four Paths worship their saviours and fear the Gray. The descendants of the four founder families are treated like royalty, and no one dares to question their actions and motives.

There are chilling rituals, loyalties between families dating back decades and unnatural powers that allow members of these four families the status and respect they receive.

This book was exactly what I needed while waiting for the new season of ‘Stranger Things’, which is just around the corner. The only reason I did not give this one a 5 star review was the ending. It left me with unanswered questions and I will be surprised if there isn’t a sequel to this story in the near future.

Now to the unpopular opinion. This book is clearly a Young Adult novel and there is no sexual scenes in this one. Nothing vaguely sexual happens actually. Yet the author still feels the need to point out all the gay and bisexual characters, more than once. If it’s not actually vital to the story I don’t see the point of concentrating on characters’ sexual preferences. These are teenagers with enough going on in their lives, and all the sexual stuff feels forced to say the least.



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