The Devil’s Lieutenant – Shervin Jamali

Yeap, I can only find one issue with this story, and that is: It was too short!

Michael, an ex-cop, makes a deal with the Devil to transport his family from the depths of hell into heaven. But it’s never that simple when the Lucifer himself is involved. Michael, who devoted his life to protecting people, is now forced to kill. With every victim he’s getting closer to his goal but further away from the man he used to be. In the end, he becomes a pawn in the fight between good and evil, heaven and hell, numbing his feelings of guilt and pain in alcohol.

But there is no room for failure, when it comes to protecting the people you love. Michael is willing to endure any pain and do anything the Devil requests. It is truly amazing what a man is capable of in order to rescue his family.

devils leftenant

The way this story is written, brings out all kinds of emotions. Conversations, laced with witty humour, are followed by horrific scenes of murder.

The book is structured in a different way as well. You jump from one timeline to the other, and every single scene is a puzzle piece that helps you see the full picture. I thought it might make the plot difficult to follow, but each timeline is so different from the other, that there is no way to get them confused.

I really enjoyed this story, and can only hope that the author’s got more plans for Michael and his family in the future.


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