Surrogate for a Werewolf – Jennifer Lynne

It is very difficult to label this story but a dark supernatural erotica would be the closest I think. I have to say I enjoyed reading this one, even though some parts were quite… bizarre. These werewolves are nothing like the ones usually portrayed in romance novels. They are very sexual, yes, but also brutal and let’s just say devouring their objects of desire is taken quite literally. The orgy ends in banquet where the non-werewolf creatures (and it’s not a rule) end up as the main course.

The main character, Alyssa, goes from inexperienced virgin to the most horny and lewd heroine I’ve ever encountered. At some point she was one touch away from humping a horse or a tree, really anything that she could lay her eyes on.

‘Alyssa tugged at the rough leather belt that encircled Sal’s jeans, the strong smell of horse on him wafting up to her nose to heighten the arousal that grew with urgency deep down in the pit of her belly.’

I have never, and I don’t believe I ever will consider the smell of a horse as an aphrodisiac but it was quite entertaining to read. There is lots of fucking, gut spilling, head ripping and a concept of cheating is literally non-existent.

Like I said, quite bizarre, but enjoyable .



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