Shifters Unbound (1&2) – Jennifer Ashley

I’m sensing a little bit of a theme in my recent reads. Apparently I have a thing for shifters, and I hit jackpot with this one. I’ve only read first 2 books in the series, but nevertheless I can confidently recommend it to anyone who loves a good romantic shifter story.

okladkiWhat I liked the most was the whole shifter mythology and fascinating origin of how the shifters came to be. And being a fantasy junkie I have to say the second book was my favourite so far, giving a glimpse into the land of the Fae.

It’s almost impossible to find a story that gives equal justice to the romance and the narrative around it. It’s a little bit like a man saying he watches porn for the interesting plot. Well that’s just ridiculous!

But in this case the sex scenes were impossibly H.O.T and I was still on the edge of my seat worried about the lives of the main characters and their loved ones. Shifter clan politics makes it that more intriguing, with the main characters being at the top of the hierarchy and commanding their prides and clans in their respective Shiftertowns. The first two stories revolve around the Morrissey family pride, a powerful Feline Shifters. I cannot wait to read about the Lupines and Ursines though.

And on top of all that there is also magic in that world! Magic swords and healing powers add to the fantasy aspect. Completed with a good old alpha possessive men and you got yourself an exciting page turner that ticks every box.

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