Reverse Harem Series – Top 5

1. Their Vampire Queen - Joely Sue Burkhart

This series has dominated my life, my dreams and basically my existence for the short period it took me to read all of the books. It’s just too good to be true, the balance between erotic parts and the actual mythology of the story is PERFECT. This series has got everything you can imagine: FM, MFM, MMFM, and even MFFM at some point I believe. Well, any possible combination of Fs and Ms that your perverted and kinky mind can conjure is HERE! But putting all that aside, I fell in love with the characters. Shara, the Vampire Queen, calls her Blood, her lovers/partners/protectors/family/knights, one after one and each of them has got a complicated past and an interesting story to tell.
She draws on the strength of her ancestors, goddesses that ruled before her and the power of her Blood to overcome unimaginable obstacles and defeat her enemies. At the base of this series we experience the journey of a simple girl, that learns to love unconditionally after losing all the loved ones she ever had in her life. She finds a new family, and her only goal becomes to protect them at any cost.

The sixth book in the series Queen Takes Triune is said to be released in 2019.

2. Curse of the Gods - Jaymin Eve & Jane Washington

I fell in love with this series and practically devoured the first three books in one week. It is a reverse harem series but more on the YA side, especially Trickery, Persuasion and Seduction. The last two books in the series and the additional novella are a bit hotter, less romance and more action, but I have to admit I did not care for the ending. For a series which started as a slow burning YA romance in a fantasy setting morphed into a full-on adult fantasy near the end. A bit of a jump in my opinion, but still, one of the best I’ve read in a while.

3. The Dark Side - Kristy Cunning

What struck me the most about this series was the main character, Paca. Her journey from an awkward ghost girl with no ability to touch or be heard in the first book, to a full on badass warrior in the last, was thoroughly enjoyable. Most of the series takes part in hell of all places, and we get to meet all sorts of fascinating and vicious characters, along with The Devil himself. There is nothing YA about this series though. Let that be your one and only warning: this series is ridiculously sexy and after reading this, the notion of Four Horsemen will always make you all hot and bothered.

4. Seraph Black - Jane Washington

I read this series a while ago, but I know I will be rereading it at some point in my life. A YA reverse harem fantasy, brilliantly written and very emotional. I read some reviews prior to starting this series, that many readers thought the main character, being an underage girl, shouldn’t be a heroine in a reverse harem book. I beg the differ, since it IS a YA! Even though the feelings and future arrangement of the relationship is implied, it is far from an adult storyline and concentrates more on bonds, destiny, family and fantasy plots. Filled with angst, this series will suck you in from the first chapter.

5. Their Dark Valkyrie - Eva Chase

Something for the fans of the Marvel Universe, and all the Norse Gods. I received the first and the second book from the publisher via Netgalley and I loved them. Even though, the first book cannot be called a reverse harem, the second one definitely can. This is the only series on this list that I haven’t finished reading yet, but so far it’s ticking all the boxes. Besides, who wouldn’t add Loki and Thor to their harem?

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