Plenty of Shift series (1-4) – Carina Wilder

Every now and then I get the need to read a hot paranormal/supernatural story with some kind of genetically advanced version of characters, that are created in the mind of the writer for one reason and one reason only i.e. to turn all of us readers into satisfied puddles of oestrogen.

27428375 This time I got my hands on a shifter romance series by Carina Wilder, and I was hooked after the first book. Plenty of Shift explores a little different idea of romance series than what I’m used to, but even though I had my doubts at first, it actually works! So, apart from the first book, which introduces us to the world of sexy and single shifters and explains the politics and dynamics of Grayson City shifter clans, the other books are paired up. The idea is that you can choose which male shifter you fancy more and want the main female character to end up with and read the story. However, to be honest, I would recommend reading both stories anyway. Each one is original an
d each shifter has something different to offer.

Mira (#1) is the main character of the series, and the founder and owner of Plenty of Shift – a dating service for shifters. After she meets the love of her life, a bear shifter Malcolm, she decides to help others like him find love. Her services are very simple, each female customer gets two possible dates, and she can chose only one.

Sounds perfect, but oh how difficult the choice would be. Each time both male characters are sexy, gorgeous, and what a waste it would have been if the author just picked one and completely abandoned the other. Fortunately, we get to explore every possible outcome!

Tyler (#2) and Quinn (#3) were both chosen for Naomi.

Tyler, lion shifter – a tough biker/bodyguard with a few anger management issues and a bit of a te29367009mper, which he makes up for with rock hard body and passionate sex. Quinn, a wolf shifter – a mysterious and wealthy philanthropist, who is definitely a leader, not a follower, knows what he wants and is used to getting it.

Even after reading both of the books, I cannot decide which one of these two hotties is a better fit for Naomi.

Mira’s second customer, Angel, has a choice between Slate (#4), a Grizzly shifter and a sensitive family man, and Kai (#5), a wolf shifter and a confident high school teacher. I loved Slate, and how caring he was with his daughter, but still managed to rock Angela’s world with his wild side.

Now I cannot tell you which man is a better fit for Angel since Kai’s book is not yet available. I can’t wait to read it so hopefully we won’t have to wait long!


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