My Roommate’s Girl – Julianna Keyes

That’s the second book of this author that I had the pleasure of reading. I get the necessity for character building, but I have to admit I struggled to finish this one. It had some pretty exciting moments but at the same time, some parts were too long, and I found myself skipping through the main characters’ inner monologue. It seemed like Aster would go on and on about how she pictured her perfect life with Jerry, life devoid of passion, yet full of the things which she always wanted like stability and safety.

Aiden, the converted bad boy, who is trying to fit into the college life, without giving into all the temptations that ruined his teenage life and made him into a criminal. Apart from the description of his tattoos, there is hardly any mention of what he looks like up to like the middle of the book, which annoyed me a little bit. I just couldn’t seem to picture him in my head and it might be that I’m just imaginarily challenged.

Anyway, I did expect a lot from this story, since I loved the Burnham College series.

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