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After reading ‘Break me’, I knew exactly where to turn for some more steamy stepbrother stories. And I’m so happy I did! Julie Kriss managed to create a perfect man, not once but four times. I had the pleasure of reading 4 books from this author so far and they were exactly what I expected and more.

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Every story has its roots in the past. The characters have a history, although not always intimate, which intensifies the connection, without the instalove effect (which very often ruins the plot).  After knowing each other for years, either as stepsiblings, or friends, the main characters live apart for a while before meeting again, and realising their feeling for each other. Even though, these stories are not supposed to shock you with the ending, let’s say you know exactly what to expect, I still couldn’t stop reading in anticipation of further events.

j krissA big reason for that was the hottie/bad boy/stepbrother, who in each case was the most manly man you can imagine. I think my favourite would have to be Dean from ‘Bad Boyfriend’. He was strong and crazy hot, but he never acted like he could have every girl he wanted. The trick was he only had eyes for one, and even though he had no clue about sweet talking a woman, he managed to sound romantic by just being honest! Yes! Also, who knew a guy doesn’t actually need to speak to show a woman she means everything to him.

I can find many more similarities between the four male characters in the books, and they were exactly what you want from a steamy romance novel. They knew how to throw a punch, although in a few cases that had some pretty bad consequences. They practically worshipped their women as soon as they managed to claim them. And finally, most importantly, they were all quite dominant in bed, bringing their partners to new levels of pleasure.

Now, I know there are hundreds of books with these sort of characters, but take it from someone who reads these every day, Julie Kriss knows how to elevate those simple ideas into something worthwhile. Some of the dialogues were hilarious, and damn… don’t even get me started on the lovemaking scenes. You know they are good, when you can practically feel yourself blushing, while reading!

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