#Hashtag series (1-3) – Cambria Hebert

This review only concerns the first 3 books in the #Hashtag series, however I am planning on reading the remaining 3 in near future.

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I’m a sucker for high-school/college-football-stars-falling-for-geeky-tutor-girls stories and this one is no exception.

As always let’s focus on the hottie first. I introduce to you Roman ‘Romeo’ Anderson, campus superstar/god, and promising future football legend. He is loved by all, worshipped by his team mates, and he’s ridiculously popular with the ladies (well, the nickname Romeo should be a hint).

Rimmel is pretty much the opposite, not many people notice her, with her baggy clothes and shy attitude. Actually, she spends more time with animals, volunteering at the animal shelter, then with actual people.

These two make for an unlikely couple, but it works. What I liked the most was that even though they go through a lot together, they stick together. There is no drama between them, no splitting up and getting back together, which is very often the case with some similar stories. But don’t get me wrong, there is plenty happening in their lives to keep the reader interested.

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We see Rimmel becoming a confident woman, who’s beginning to understand that the man she loves dearly, loves her back and is ready to protect her at any cost. In return she stands by him, while he pursues the career he always dreamed of.

I’ve decided to review the 3 books as a whole, because they are so easy to read. Once you start the first one, you’re  bound to carry on. Hope you like them!

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