Favourite Book Box Subscriptions

If you like to stay on top of the book world, get latest releases and want to support some talented people, whose specialty is crafting bookish goodies, book box subscriptions are the thing for you!

They became more and more popular within the last year, and new subscriptions are popping up every month. You can subscribe to receive pretty much any genre related items with your books, such as  tote bags, bookmarks, jewellery, candles, accessories and even teas, coffees and snacks. The list is long.

The most popular genre, and my personal favourite, is Young Adult: contemporary, fantasy and sci-fi. I live in UK so this is a list of my favourites, plus a few of the most popular US book boxes, but if you cannot afford the international shipping make sure you look for some in your country. I’m positive you’ll find a few and if you don’t, make one and start selling it, apparently this is a fast growing business!


  • Sent out quarterly from UK, for £29.99 and free shipping! (International shipping will probably cost you so check the information on the website)
  • There is at least one YA new release (+ a possible ARC).
  • Lots of beautiful bookish accessories and gadgets exclusive to Illumicrate.

Book Box Club

  • A monthly subscription for £27.99 and free UK shipping!
  • New YA release in every box, plus some crafted goodies.
  • Purely Books option, for those of you that only want to receive a book (£40 for 3 month subscription).

Owl Crate

  • A monthly subscription box, for $29.99, plus $19.99 shipping for those in UK... shame.
  • There are YA and Middle Grade boxes with extra bookish goodies and crafts.

The Willoughby Book Club

  • A monthly subscription box, perfect for a gift.
  • Includes only books, beautifully wrapped with a personalised message to the recipient.
  • Personalised book content, based on a short survey, however the boxes are NOT new releases.
  • Prices vary from £30 to £45 depending on the subscription, and there are plenty to choose from for all tastes and ages.

LitJoy Crate

  • A monthly subscription, with prices varying from $29.99 to $36.99.
  • Available crates: YA, middle grade and special themed crates.
  • Past boxes are available for purchase as well as many other items in discounted prices.

Enchanted Book Box

  • A monthly subscription box for $35 per box.
  • Shipping destinations not specified on the website, standard shipping costs.
  •  Every box contains a YA new release and 5-7 bookish goodies.

Fairy Loot

  • Monthly box for £26 each (you can order one, without subscribing if you want to give it a try).
  • There is a shipping costs table available, but the UK cost is £3.95 + £3 VAT (£32.95 total).
  • Apart from a YA new release you are treated to some gorgeous artwork and bookish accessories of all kind.


  • A monthly box, which allocates books based on a survey you fill in when subscribing, so you get exactly what you want!
  • Two types of boxes available: Taster Box for the undecided ones who just want a taste (£12 each) and Bookfulness Box with all the goodies and a recently released book (£24 per box).
  • Goodies include chocolate, snacks, coffee, tea, jewellery and did I mention chocolate?


  • A monthly subscription box for $34.95 and unfortunately $27.99 for shipping to UK.
  • New YA release in every box, with added bookish goodies.
  • You can purchase past boxes as a one off, if they’re not sold out.

Unicorn Crate

  • A monthly subscription for $36.95 (the most expensive on this list).
  • The shipping to UK is a staggering $30!
  • A new YA release in each box, and bookish accessories and crafts.

Gobstone Alley

  • Monthly Harry Potter box, based in UK.
  • Includes Harry Potter related merchandise for £32 per box.


  • A monthly subscription box, which is not a YA one, but had to include it.
  • For £14.99 you receive a travel themed box, with an English translated book accompanied by snacks and drinks from the country of the month.

Still undecided? There is plenty of videos on Youtube where Booktubers open Book Boxes, discuss the content and even compare different subscriptions. Very often you can find some discount codes under their videos, so make sure you have a look before you order.

Happy shopping!

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