Detective Joe Stone series 1 & 2 – Jack Steele

I am so grateful that I can continue straight away with the second instalment in the series, because otherwise I would be in big trouble. I’ve been warned before I started that there is a big cliff-hanger at the end, and oh boy, isn’t it just.

Joe Stone, a leading detective in Strategic Investigation Unit, special police task force in London, is juggling increasingly demanding career and unpredictable struggles of his personal life. The work for SIU, is all he cares about these days. After his girlfriend, Gemma, disappeared a year ago he threw himself into work, and has been receiving praise for exceptional work ever since.

In the first book of the series, Loose Cannon, he tries to solve a string of murders and assaults within the London mafia families. Everyone is a suspect, and information is hard to come by. While his commander grooms Joe to become the head of SIU in the future, he discovers the thin line between police work and cooperation with the world of crime. He learns quickly that it is better to stay on the mafia bosses’ good side in order to get results.

In Long Shot, London becomes a victim to a terrorist attack, and The Prime Minister decides to charge SIU with the task of finding those responsible for the attacks. When Joe’s friends and colleagues are the ones who are targeted by the terrorists, this case becomes more than just a regular assignment. Constantly worried about the safety of his team, Joe races against time to uncover secrets from the past, and information regarding all the high profile suspects.

Soon Joe finds himself in charge of the SIU, which proves to be not at all what he expected.

The second book in Joe Stone’s series did not disappoint. I really enjoyed reading this series, and it leaves us with a brief intro to the next story.


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