Desperate to read – Fall 2016

Everyone is counting down the days till Christmas, already asking me if I’ve done my Christmas shopping!! I hate to break this to you people but there is so many things that are going to happen between now and the Winter Holidays.

Mainly, all the books I simply cannot wait to read, which are still to come out before the year 2016 is over. Here is a list of only the top 10 of upcoming releases of the fall 2016.

heartless-nov-8 1) Heartless – Marissa Meyer

You might recall Marissa Meyer as the author of a very successful fantasy series The Lunar Chronicles, filled with magic, romance and adventure. She’s an expert in reinventing fairy tales and classic stories we all know and love. Heartless is said to follow an early life story of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.

Expected release: November 8th, 2016




2) The Chemist – Stephanie Meyer

I’m not the biggest fan of the Twilight saga (book or film), but let’s face it, curiosity will probably win in this case and I will at least start this mystery thriller. Hope it raises to the hype and graces us with a gripping suspense filled plot.

Expected release: November 15th, 2016




3) Crystal Storm – Morgan Rhodes

Highly anticipated fifth book in the fantasy series The Falling Kingdoms, has been on my to read list for a year now. This is how long we all have to wait for each book, and I can’t tell you how horrible the wait is every single time! I’m counting down the days till the release, and more drama, magic, politics and romance in all the falling kingdoms.

Expected release: December 13th, 2016




4) Bound by Vengeance – Cora Reilly

Some of us have waited over a year for this puppy, and we finally have a release date! Bound by Vengeance is a fifth instalment in Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles, a series that gives us an insight into the dangerous world of powerful mafia bosses, arranged marriages, intrigue and romance. If you’re a fan of the genre, you are bound to love this series.

Expected release: December 21st, 2016




5) Twisted Palace – Erin Watt

I am all giddy and excited about this one. Twisted Palace is the third book in The Royals series, and both previous books ended on cliffhangers, so I just know that this one is only going to leave me wanting more.

Expected release: October 17th, 2016





6) Royally Screwed – Emma Chase

A new contemporary romance, from the author of The Legal Briefs and Tangled series. I have a very good feeling about this one, and can’t wait to read it. Fortunately, if you get hooked the second book in the series, Royally Matched, is said to be released January 10th 2017.

Expected release: October 18th, 2016




7) Hit The Spot – J. Daniels

The second instalment in Dirty Deeds series, a contemporary romance that is bound to make you hot and bothered. The first book just became available and I’m sure there will be a few more books in this series to come next year.

Expected release: December 6th, 2016




star-nov-18) The Sun Is Also A Star – Nicola Yoon

This YA contemporary romantic story is a second book written by a very talented Jamaican author, who struck gold with her previous book Everything, Everything. I am certain that this novel about love and fate is going to be an amazing read.

Expected release: November 1st, 2016




9) Split – J.B. Salsbury

Now this one almost didn’t make it into my list, but I just know I’m going to read this straight after it’s out. What sold it for me was the main character’s condition. He suffers from blackouts and looses control, which makes the whole story that much more interesting, dangerous and exciting.

Expected release: November 15th, 2016




10) Max – Sawyer Bennett

I’m far from a ‘puck bunny’, since I don’t actually know much about hockey as a sport, but oh how I love the Cold Fury Hockey boys! Max is the 6th book in the series, and don’t worry, if that is not enough for you, Ms Bennett is not making us wait too long for the 7th. Roman is said to be released in February 2017.

Expected release: December 13th, 2016





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