Dating the Undead ( #1) – Juliet Lyons

Who would’ve thought that vampire romance has enough in it still to make a comeback.

‘Twilight saga’ has got nothing on this original story, and the author even manages to sneak in a few references to this famous vampire saga in the most humorous of ways.

‘I’m guessing she’s human. I blame that Stephanie Meyer woman for all these ridiculous human-vampire love stories that are playing out all over the world.’

It doesn’t happen often, but I fell in love with both main characters right from their first encounter. Logan was exactly what an experienced, 200-year-old vampire should be like: cocky, yet romantic, arrogant, yet charming. With his green eyes, sexy tousled hair, and Irish accent, he was simply the epitome of deliciousness.

Silver (yeap, that’s her name, fitting, huh?) was a no-bullshit kind of gal, painful realist, and the last person you would have pegged for being a romantic. Her attitude and character are the reasons for most of the humour in this book. Her constant teasing and brutal honesty, even in the most inappropriate of situations, had me laughing out loud.

I recommend it to anyone who, just like me, has got a craving for a good vampire romance once in a while, but is struggling to find a story with the right balance between the romantic and the paranormal. Well, ‘Dating the Undead’ has got plenty of sexy and thrilling, as well as action and suspense.

I cannot wait to read the next book in the ‘V-Date.Com’, after the introduction Vincent got into the series.


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