City of Ghosts (Cassidy Blake #1) – Victoria Schwab

I have to admit I’m new to Victoria Schwab, and before you say anything, I KNOW I have a lot to catch up on and I definitely will because this book was awesome. I’m not quite sure who is the target audience, since the main character is about twelve years old, but the whole story is dark and scary. Even I was scared, and my 12th birthday was in the previous century.

Anyway, Cassidy can see ghosts, she can even move to a parallel world in which ghosts exist in their own realities, reliving the same moment, the most important moment in their lives, very often the one that lead straight to their deaths. They cannot cross the line, or how Cassidy calls it ‘the Veil’, into the real world, but one of them did. Jacob saved Cassidy’s life and since then they are bound together, protecting and helping each other on both sides of the Veil. But hearing and seeing ghosts constantly is exhausting, and Cassidy cannot wait for a quiet summer holiday at the beach house, away from the busy city, people and the dead. Unfortunately, due to her parent’s jobs and their once in a lifetime career opportunity she is forced to travel to Edinburgh, Scotland, where the rich history and violent past, filled with wars and plagues, means there is probably more ghosts then people…

‘So we pile into the cab, two parents, one girl,

one ghost, and a ticked-off cat, and we head for the airport.’


This is as much as I can reveal without spoiling the whole plot. I can only say it is a quick read, and definitely worth it. I’m already planning a trip to Scotland to visit all these places and see them for myself. The next book in the series comes out in September 2019 and this time they travel to Paris.


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