Caged Series (1&2) – D.H. Sidebottom

This review is for both books in the series: ‘Caged’ and ‘Chained’.

I have to admit I am surprised at how much I enjoyed this series. Don’t get me wrong, the storyline is very interesting and the writing itself almost flawless, but some of the scenes…

If someone else described the plot to me, I would have probably dismissed this series straight away saying it’s too much brutality and what kind of a twisted cruel mind could create such a story. Oh, how glad am I to have stumbled upon these two books all by myself!

Well, let’s just say I read it with wide eyes, gasping in shock at times, yet still unable to stop!

The story revolves around two damaged people, who’ve been through some unimaginable pain. Years of painful abuse, to be exact. We meet Anderson Cain aka Judd Asher right after he’s freed from his abusers. We can witness how a man in his twenties discovers the world for the first time, learning there is more to life than pain and suffering.

Kloe’s job is to ease his transition into the world, and help him discover who he really is. She’s been through a lot in her own life and is now working every day helping people like Anderson get over the trauma of the past.
When caring for Anderson turns into attraction, Kloe is forced to leave him behind, in order to save her professional reputation. Four years later their paths cross again, and Kloe discovers her feelings for Anderson might be even stronger. He, on the other hand, is set on destroying Kloe, for abandoning him, and breaking his trust.

“Hatred kills everything inside, Kloe. It eats at your soul until only blackness and the void of nothing remains. And then there’s nothing left to break.”He took a long breath and lifted his finger to one of my tears, pressing it into the skin of my check. “When I finish this, there’ll be nothing left of you, and death is so much easier that way.”

However, there is a part of him that wants Kloe more than anything. But if pain is all you know, are you even capable of love?

Caged is the first book in the series, and concentrates mostly on the past and present. Chained starts with a scene set in the future and then continues to describe the events leading up to that moment. However, it also gives a little insight into reasoning behind the ruthless actions of Anderson’s and Kloe’s abusers, and parents.

I found myself sucked into this disturbing, perverted, confusing mind of Anderson Cain, where lines between good and evil, pleasure and pain are blurred, almost invisible. But I regret nothing! I really enjoyed it, and recommend it to anyone with an open mind and.. a strong stomach.

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