Broken Prince (The Royals #2) – Erin Watt

What did I just read??

I refuse to wait so long for the next book!!

I had this horrible feeling that the second book in the Royals series is going to end with a cliff-hanger just like the first one, but this is even worse! Erin is a genius, and I am HOOKED!

29519514           The main character in the Broken Prince is definitely Reed Royal. His transformation from the rich and spoiled bad boy in the first book into this ‘broken’ man, hunted by all the demons from his past shows him in a completely new light. He needs to face his past, and own up to his mistakes in order to earn Ella’s heart. And he does just that, he’s honest, selfless and extremely patient because he knows that the girl of his dreams is worth every struggle.

‘She’s mine and always has been.

From before we even met, she was mine and I was hers.

I fought it too long, but I’m giving in now.

I’m all in now.’

-Reed Royal

Ella was always a badass, but having 5 Royal brothers in her corner, makes her fierce. She is not afraid to stand up for herself, her friends, and bring hell on every bully determined to destroy her new family. Life taught her long ago that the closer people get to you, the more power they have to destroy you. In the end, in order to get the future she never even dared to dream of, she needs to realise that her trust issues are the only obstacle.

One last person I have to mention is Easton Royal, who is growing up, and I can just imagine the forth book in the Royal series being all about this bad boy getting his happy ending (no pun intended, ok, maybe a little). He loves Ella, and soon she becomes the only person capable of getting through to him. But still, he will need a hell of a girl to get his mind off of gambling, partying and drugs.

The Royal series is the new YA romance sensation, and I predict it’s going to get even better so if you are still on the fence, drop everything you’re doing and start reading!

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