Break Me: A Stepbrother Romance – Julie Kriss

I picked up this book, because just like every girl out there, I have a craving for a bad boy romance once in a while. I have to say I was not disappointed!

bram break me

This short and hot story, brings just the right amount of drama, and the chemistry between Bram and Summer is off the charts.

After 6 years in prison Bram comes back to live with his stepfather and stepsister, Summer, who was the only woman he could think about all these years in the lock up. Although, he knows that this successful businesswoman is out of his league, Bram is desperate to claim and dominate her in every possible way, as long as she’ll let him.  And oh boy does she let him. And then some…

When Summer sees this new Bram, dangerous and ripped ex-con, every part of her wants to get close to him and experience firsthand what a sex-starved beast of a man is capable of.signature flower




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