Birmingham Rebels series – Samantha Kane

I’ve reached for this series because I was looking for something kinky, hot and unconventional.

That is exactly what I found! All three books in the series are kept in a similar tone, with two male and one female characters, all struggling to understand their feelings towards each other, and discovering new sexual possibilities.

Most male characters in the series are football players, which means they have all the attributes of professional athletes. These stories had my imagination on overdrive with mouth watering descriptions of hot, tall, broad-shouldered male specimens. Yeap, I think there will be a re-read soon, especially of the first book. Definitely my favourite of the series with a big bang at the end, and I mean it literally! Forget MFM and MMF, MMFMMM is the thing! Well, not really my style, but that’s what books are for, right?

Anyway, the only drawback for me was the heroine in Jacked Up, Jane. I loved her at first, she seemed confident and genuinely surprised at how open to new things and kinky she became being around Sam and King. However, as the story progressed she became annoyingly shy, constantly doubting everything and everyone. Instead of listening to people, she would run away and hide, one step forward two steps back kind of thing. In my opinion, it gets old pretty quickly.



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