Atlantis (Enchantment #2) – Evelyne Contant


This book has got it all, romance, action, villains, magic, and dragons! And that’s just the beginning!

After reading ‘The Moonstone’, the first book in the series, I just knew I would be reading the second one, as soon as it comes out in English.

I can honestly say that I got exactly what I hoped for. First of all, I wanted to see Lou using her powers in real combat, and being a true leader to her team. Let’s just say I was not disappointed, there was plenty of occasions for Lou and her team to use their talents… and new weapons, battling against old and new enemies and monstrous creatures as they finally begin their mission to retrieve the Emerald Tablet.

Now, the tension between Lou and Black has been building since the first chapter of the first book, so it was bound to bring some romantic drama at some point. But oh boy, strap in and get ready for a bumpy ride. With old flames making a reappearance (Zach), and new admirers fascinated by Lou’s beauty and skills, Black has to step up his game.

Finally, my favourite character in the book is definitely Pyros. I know what you think, this pompous jerk from book one? Well, we get to know him a little better, his past, the relationship with his sister, and most of all his loyal and commanding nature. He becomes a crucial member of the team, and one Lou can depend on.

Hopefully, he wait for the next instalment in the series won’t be too long, because I need to know what happens next!



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