Arctic Brotherhood 1&2 – Jane Godman

If you are looking for your typical paranormal romance, with the emphasis on romance, this story might not be for you. It definitely wasn’t what I expected. Looking at the cover, and reading the blurb I thought this will be a hot read with some shifter steamy love making, alpha male, you know the usual stuff.

Ice Wolf is more about the background story, Norse mythology to be exact. There is definitely more action and character building than the actual romance, which boils down to a few hot moments and a rather predictable outcome. Like I said, not what I expected, but still thrilling and interesting.

The author managed to set the tone for the whole series, which, after devouring the first book, I cannot wait to read.


The second book in the Arctic Brotherhood series did not disappoint. I got my dose of werewolf urban legends skilfully inserted into the plot. Samson Lee is the shifter Arctic Wolf in charge in this one, and he is a dream!
So jealous of Valetta to be paired up with this confident and lethal alpha. If you like shifter romances and supernatural setting, you are going to LOVE Shadow Wolf.





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