Alexa Riley

The reason I even decided to read Alexa Riley’s stories is because every person I spoke to about them had a complete different opinion. Apparently this is a kind of writing that you either love or hate, and there is no middle ground.

I love stepbrother romance novels so I decided to read anything with ‘step’ in the title and as for ‘P.S You’re Mine’ the cover was the most interesting of them all.

I’m all for taboo and forbidden love, but a step-dad fooling around with an underage girl was a little too much for me, so ‘My New Step-dad’ was a total bust. The other three were actually exactly what I expected, no more no less. That’s, I believe, is what you get with Alexa Riley. Short story, insta-love, no surprises and a happy end. All well and good, but some of the parts and dialogues were just ridiculous.

Exhibit no 1:

But remember, tonight when I’m inside it, you need to be quiet. We don’t want Daddy to hear you. I’m your daddy now, baby girl, and your little moans are only for me. – Jasper ‘Wanting My Stepsister’

And this:   

Do it, baby girl. Cum so you can open up your cervix for me. I want to make sure my seed takes root deep inside you. Make sure you’re bred. – Jasper ‘Wanting My Stepsister’

Now that is the worst bedroom talk I’ve ever heard, and frankly, I would be running for the hills. The only two instances I can think of that anyone would utter these words are:

  • an alien trying to crossbreed our two species for scientific experimentation,
  • or the last two people on Earth had to procreate because the continuation of our kind was at stake.

Well, now that I read a few of these books I won’t be disappointed if I get the urge to read the next one, but my expectations are very… very low.

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