About Me

How difficult can it be to write something about myself you ask??

Well, give it a try and see for yourself. It’s bloody impossible!!

Let’s start with ‘Hi, and welcome to my Book Cave’. See? That wasn’t so bad.

I’m a complete and utter book addict, but it wasn’t always the case. I only used to read books I had to read with a few exceptions (Harry Potter series and a couple more book-to-movie adaptations).

Reading only the stories, which were forced upon me by my teachers and lecturers, I have never been able to lose myself in the plot and fully appreciate the power of imagination.

This all changed, however, when I started reading for pleasure. Films are now a source of entertainment with visual and special effects, but I turn to books for emotional experience.

It’s truly amazing how a written word can paint a picture in your head, adding more and more detail with every sentence, every page. All of a sudden you are being transported into a different world, or you become a different person, limited only by your creative mind.